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Brexit – mourning an identity we spent so long building

12 months ago I left a strong, united, inclusive European country. In 4 months time, I hope I won’t have to return to a broken Britain, where nationalist vanity has led to the loss of everything which ever made it ‘Great’

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10 reasons why you should live in Siberia

  If my artsy #Instagram snaps of derelict wooden houses and daily SnapChat stories of wild dogs haven’t already convinced you that Siberia is The Place To Be this season, here are 10 reasons why Siberia is the new Paris 1) You will always fit right in If your stubby western legs, size 12 curves… Continue reading 10 reasons why you should live in Siberia

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Writing for writing’s sake

Paper and pens. The only tools linking the post-modernist stick family scribbles of a 2 year old and the internationally appraised literature of Willy Shakespeare. For me they have been my everything and my nothing; instruments of torture when my year 3 teacher forced me to hold my pen “correctly”, symbols of my annual attempts… Continue reading Writing for writing’s sake

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Death, destruction and dictatorships

  98 days. 34.7kg of clothes. 5 flights. 2 ½ emotional break downs. 1 Czech phrase book. It was September 11th and ‘Central Europe’ registered a solid 1.2 on my cultural radar. Before stepping on the plane with the naïve hope that my new local Olomouc supermarket would stock baked beans and cheddar cheese, all… Continue reading Death, destruction and dictatorships